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  1. Thors

    Thors New Member

    Hi there, had a problem with my one x+ at the weekend were the phone totaly ran out of battery, I tried charging it straight away to no avail, tried a hard reset and nothing wouldnt boot up or anything, tried it without the sim as well which was a no go, so I was thinking my phone was dead from what I was reading on the one x forum, at a last gasp atempt I left the sim out and put the carrier back in, then plugged it into my computer, hey presto I had a red flashing red light, which I understand is the the battery very low indicator, so from some other advice I found, I quickly tapped the power button a few times and the phone booted up, I left it on charge which took abour 9 hours, (usually takes 3) but instead of an orange light when charging I get a constant red, so when I got home from work yesterday I thought Id put it on charge from the wall plug, it wouldnt charge, thought bugger maybe theres a problem after all, when I attempted to charge from the pc, it came on red solid again and started charging, so i thought Id do a system restore to see if that would sort the charging from the wall and the red light, so I did a restore and now it charges from the wall socket, but still with the red solid light, is this a problem I have with the battery, as on HTC's website theres no mention of red light, only had the phone a couple of months and its been great, no problems except this, so is it worth me taking it back to the shop or is this normal, any help would be appreciated, many thanks!!!!
    Great forum by the way been a long time lurker ;)

  2. smthtalker

    smthtalker New Member

    Hey Thors, I had the same situation with my phone but was traveling, so it was 2 things that I found out. First problem which I don't think would be your situation, but my problem was I was using my older car charger. Which might of been a few things, first being that the connector wasn't sitting firmly in place so the contacts weren't firm to charge. And secondly, which I hope may help you is they have a 2.1 amp high speed charger that I picked up for both home and car and haven't had a problem since.
    As for the red lights, this phone is a battery blood sucker from hell. Very rarely do I see my phone in a green light stays for very long let alone the in the middle orange. Lol And when my phone gets to a 9% warning, I know I only have minutes to get it to a charger cause it actually likes to turn itself off somewhere in between 3% and 5%. But yeah, I 2 thought my phone was for sure dead, cause after leaving it 2 charge for a bit, lol a whole half an hour. It would boot up and die immediately. But I'm guessing thats cause it was like I had it plugged into a trickle car battery charger. Well hope this maybe helps a bit.
  3. Thors

    Thors New Member

    Thanks for that, had been charging it on an extension usb lead, have read its no advisable to do that, phone seems fine, had very poor signal today do had to reboot it, was fine after that, still a bit concerned by red light when charging so im popping into the 02 shop tomorrow to see what they say, better safe than sorry as they say...
  4. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I might mention that batteries don't last forever. Sometimes they act way goofy when their capacity to store a charge is diminishing. Anyway, I want to welcome both of you to Android Forums and I hope you can get your charge problems solved.
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