General Warning...long TMOBILE and Gravity Smart Rant

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ladyga, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. ladyga

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    Aug 23, 2011
    OK...this is a RANT 'cause TMobile refuses to do anything. I have been a cust. since Sun Com days. Loyal. They are clearly ATT now. Horrid cust service.

    I had a VERY simple (great) little Nokia for over 7 years..dropped it in water, thought it was dead (so wrong!) so went in the store, got "steered" into the Gravity Smart. I bit. Paid 200.00 (minus some invisible rebate yet to receive) 16 days later phone freezes and drops calls ALL THE TIME. I tell TM I want a diff phone...I HATE that stupid keyboard as well..bulky and I won't ever use it. They say I missed the 14 day "remorse" deadline so am "stuck"...sent me another Gravity. One week later IT stops working! Sent me # stops ringing on incoming. Noone in Tech can figure it # 4 is sent.

    During all of this returning phones over and over,I BEGGED TM to let me pick out another phone...I even said I'd pay a restock fee, ANYTHING...they say "NO". Period.
    Am now on #5 since end of MAY...and this one would not load my sim card contacts? Showed I had NO CONTACTS even tho my now working Nokia showed ALL when I walked into the store. The idiot took the card out, said he would "copy it" onto new sim card to insert into #5 Gravity. Guess what. ALL my TEN YEARS worth of contacts...GONE. Deleted. And my old Nokia was not backup he "lost" every # I have ever had. And shrugged and told me "Oh well...check old bills for #s" WTH?!?

    TM main #611 supervisor had nothing to say...too bad,so sad attitude.
    SO...I still have a crappy phone, and now a deleted sim card and they STILL will not help, offer compensation, diff phone, out of the contract I signed to get that phone that now sells for $18!

    I now, after 20 yrs of being a loyal customer, DETEST TMobile. Detest! And I will tell everyone I encounter. Obviously ATT cust service is their new face. TMobile is dead.

    Anyone want to buy this #5 UNUSED phone let me know. My Nokia works great...all I have to do is try to get in touch with 200 clients for their phone #s. The Gravity goes in a drawer til my 2 yrs with TM is over....and out.
    I am considering a YOUTUBE rant.......

    Rant over. XOXO


  2. JaeWeb

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    Wow, that REALLY sucks! As long as i have been with T-Mobile, I have never experienced horrible customer service like that! But i have seen fluctuations between different stores. The 2 stores I go to are very friendly and care about their customers. I only left because my brother got a free family plan through his job through Verizon..... big mistake. i won't go into that story but I hope you find something that works for you!! :)

    How much are you selling it for?

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