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Warning to Potential Note 3 buyers, Flipboard...General

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  1. zombdroid

    zombdroid Well-Known Member

    I just retired my Note 2 and really enjoyed the entire experience with the phone. Great screen, battery, speed, speaker...etc. I loved that I could disable all of the bloatware installed by the Verizon. Flipboard ruins the Note 3 experience for me.

    I guess someone at Verizon or Samsung thought forcing Flipboard upon everyone purchasing a Note 3 was a good idea. I do not want this application, but everyday I am reminded to update it. I do not want to except a license agreement or privacy policy, but there is no way to make the application go away. It is so easy to accidentally launch the app. Just swiping from the button up launches it. I am really not interested in rooting the phone or installing a different launcher.

    I am going to open a support case with both Verizon, Samsung and Flipboard. Maybe if enough people complain they will do something about this. Why won't they allow us to uninstall or disable this app? I have been reading Flipboard replies to negative review on the Play Store and they claim it can be disabled, but I have not found a way. I have disabled 14 other apps on my phone, but Flipboard cannot be disabled!

    I wish Google would build a Nexus device with an SD card slot. I may just get the 32GB Nexus 5 until something better comes along. Maybe just go back to the Note 2.

  2. zipred

    zipred Well-Known Member

    Unless you live on another planet, you may have noticed no phone is perfect. To allow one app to cause you such angst, may be a good indication you've chosen the wrong phone.
  3. zombdroid

    zombdroid Well-Known Member

    Yes, I am from another planet.
  4. Dragoro

    Dragoro Well-Known Member

    Cant you just disable flipboard in the application manager?
  5. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    Nexus 5 doesn't work on Verizon, so you would have to change carriers. If you're willing to pay the price, check out the Galaxy S4 Google Edition. It has the interface of a Nexus, but all the hardware of the S4 which includes a SD card slot. Once again though, doesn't work on Verizon so you'd have to move to AT&T or T-Mobile. Nexus 5 will give you the option of using Sprint on top of the other 2.
  6. zombdroid

    zombdroid Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately no, and on Verizon, the app is tied directly to the button.

    I am just around the corner from my contract end date. I like the Verizon coverage. I had Sprint and had nothing but coverage issues where I work and live. Maybe T-Mobile. Had the Note 2 and loved it and prefer the bigger screen. I may just reactivate that phone. Thanks for the tips!
  7. jwither

    jwither Well-Known Member

    I use Verizon for my N3, and have never had the app you're talking about ask me to update it, nor have I attempted to disable it. I've turned off auto-updates in the Play store, and turned off individual notifications in all apps except e-mail, gmail, etc.

    It also helps, especially if you want more than, what, 12 icons per screen(?) to use an alternative launcher, like Nova.

    My Magazine no longer works from the button or from "swipe up", unless I configure that gesture in Nova.

    It also helps that I never sweat the petty stuff. Or pet the sweaty, etc.
  8. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Well-Known Member

    If you think flipboard is bad, just wait until you figure out what knox is... lol

    Seriously though, you'll never be happy until you learn to root your phone. If flipboard bothered me in the least, I would have removed it from my phone by now. It's the only way to have full control over your phone.
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  9. zombdroid

    zombdroid Well-Known Member

    My Magazine is one in in the same. Just look at the 'about' when you open it.

    As far as rooting goes, I know how to root a phone. My point is, why should I have to?
  10. Dragoro

    Dragoro Well-Known Member

    Dear God, maybe cause youll find stuff you dont want on any phone you buy? Starting to thi.... meh nm
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  11. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Have you checked out the Developer's Edition,which is a VZW exclusive?

    I'm just guessing you'd be afforded a bit more control over such things,w/o root.

    Never owned a Developer's Edition of any phone,but,this option might be worth looking into,if otherwise you really like this phone.
  12. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    My Magazine is a Samsung collaborated effort based on Flipboard, but it's definitely not the same thing. There are certain things that aren't available on My Magazine, that can be found on Flipboard.

    Nonetheless, My Magazine doesn't bother me at all because I don't even see it when using Nova Prime. I use Flipboard every now and then, just to browse through some of my social networking accounts and some news, and I have no problems whatsoever with the actual app.
  13. chimphappyhour

    chimphappyhour Well-Known Member

    My Magazine and Flipboard do seem to be inter-related. I've never opened or used Flipboard but I have run My Magazine. Yet I often find Flipboard running in the App Manager. I suspect My Magazine is just a type of skin over Flipboard.
  14. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Yes, my magazine was made by the developers of flipboard in conjunction with Samsung. But the actual flipboard app still works much better, IMO
  15. KaneoheGrown

    KaneoheGrown Active Member

    Have you tried disabling My Magazine from the settings menu within the app? You can uncheck "Open using the home key" from the settings.
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