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Warp Sequent mod screenshotsGeneral

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  1. animusfl

    animusfl Well-Known Member

    I am not responsible if you brick your
    phone or make it unuseable! Make sure
    you have backups and know how to fix
    it if you screw it up!

    That being said the sequent is definitely moddable. I did not write
    or create any of the modifications seen here, I just figured out how
    to apply them to my phone using apktool on linux and wanted to
    share some screenshots. I've changed the system font and also
    changed the battery icon to a 1% circle battery with animated
    charge. If you've tweaked your sequent and want to brag, feel free
    to do so here!

    Happy Modding:aetsch:!


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  2. animusfl

    animusfl Well-Known Member

    Well, I've made some progress and learned some things about editing xml files and about SystemUI.apk in general. Thanks go to Ticklefish on XDA forums http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=28643215 for the great tutorial! I was able to center my statusbar clock properly using method 3 which is a RelativeLayout rather than a LinearLayout. I don't use windows so I wasn't able to try out Tickle My Android, but it looks like a pretty cool tool.
    edit: added some screenshots with a transparent status bar, center clock and 1% circle
    battery. Launcher Pro did not like transparent statusbar, but np with Apex Launcher.

    Is anyone else doing this? Have some mods to share? Want a tut and perhaps my
    SystemUI.apk? Feedback?

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  3. animusfl

    animusfl Well-Known Member

    reserved for future use.
  4. croy2007

    croy2007 Resident Punisher

    nice themeing
    animusfl likes this.

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