Warranty on Verizon replacement (refurb) phones?General

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    JDM RICE Member

    do these carry the same 1 year warranty as the original?

  2. ericDylan

    ericDylan Well-Known Member

    no. you get 1 year from original purchase. or 90 days after you get the refurb.

    so if your warrenty is up tomorrow but they send you a refurb you get 90 more days.
  3. Pretkomel

    Pretkomel Well-Known Member

    I talked to Asurion two days ago and they give you one year.
  4. ericDylan

    ericDylan Well-Known Member

    it is a verizon replacement not an asurion replacement... i assume he replaced it with the warrenty after the phone malfuntioned. in which case, he gets 90 days

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