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  1. soba1

    soba1 Well-Known Member

    Ok I currently have a 10.1 had the original 7. But I was strongly considering the ipad3. The reason just bought the 10.1 just under a year ago and some developers are producing games for tegra3 only. Also there seem to be a ton more of fantasy rpg games on Apple. But after seeing that screen on the 7.7 I am torn. I know the ipad3 wont be to shabby.
    Takes please....thanks

  2. EarlZ

    EarlZ Well-Known Member

    We are on a similar boat as of now, I too am considering the Ipad3 not because of the games or apps but plainly because the screen issues on SuperAMOLED is quite annoying, at least with Apple's products I only have to check for backlight bleeding and deadpixels. Application wise games on the iOS will always be better than andriod and I do agree that there are a ALOT of pretty nice RPG games on the iOS, but I dislike the lack of customizations and the lack of widgets/live panels. I hate having to launch an app just to check facebook/twitter/youtube for updates.
  3. soba1

    soba1 Well-Known Member

    I did more research over the weekend.....
    I looked at the amount of apps on the ipad wow.
    I read the specs of the ipad3 possibly quad core.
    The pixel density will be off the charts.
    Lack of customization does not bother me so much on the
    ipad as I do not change up my tablet much. I am more of a heavy
    gamer web browser and ereader kinda user.......
    Android phone I'm staying with but tablets thats a different story

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