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  1. molejora

    molejora Member

    I rooted my Incredible. Was great, followed how to unlock soff htcdev scotty85. Then me being me started messing with stuff I probably shouldnt have (first time rooting anything) started having problems flashin roms then only one I could get to flash was CM7 even then was freezin up alot.
    So decided I was gonna try to go back to stock, that was a whole other mess, really I dont even know where to begin because I did everything I could think of or read about, like I said before, stuff I probably shouldnt have been doing. Now I cant do anything, this is where im at...

    No ROM installed , no OS
    HBOOT 1.07

    Cant flash any rom now thru hboot or fastboot
    Fastboot access not adb just fastboot
    Can flash CWM, AMON RA thru fastboot
    E drive errors

    Is there anything I can do to save my Incredible?

  2. today

    today Well-Known Member

    Post over in the root thread. Where you read scotty's instructions. Good luck. I know it can be fixed.
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