was stuck at bluescreenofdeath, now can get into recovery, but cant flash. help!

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  1. jackvillin

    jackvillin Member

    thought phone was bricked so it sat in my sock drawer for awhile. tinkered with it for a few today, and finally got past the blue fast boot screen. problem is i cant flash anything to try and bring it back to life. tried a rom zip and started and stopped immidiately and went back to menu with any promts. any ideas?

  2. jackvillin

    jackvillin Member

    never mind. i formatted everything, card phone cache, the whole thing. took out sd card , put in my droid 4 and down loaded kill-install recovery sh zip, and flash zip, and a new rom at random. am totaly back in the game now. gonna play with a few roms and pick the best one ifind. then sell the phone before i do it again...lol

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