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Washed out screen since ICS updateSupport

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  1. dssr

    dssr Member

    After I updated to ICS, my screen is all washed it. I've lost the vivid colours of the Samsung G2 screen. I'm unable to make any adjustments to screen brightness or mode to bring it back. As anyone else come across this ?

  2. ben.fred

    ben.fred Well-Known Member

    i have noticed this as well, i changed the settings for a few days and then went back to vivid... or which ever one it is that has all the colour..

  3. Kie

    Kie Well-Known Member

    You can change brightness by going to Settings -> Display -> Brightness. Make sure to untick Automatic brightness. You can also change the screen mode to Dynamic (should be the vivid you're after) in Settings -> Brightness.
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  4. dssr

    dssr Member

    I meant to say adjusting the brightness makes no difference. I noticed a few others having similar problems.

    No matter what Brightness settings or mode I change in settings, the screen remains washed out.
  5. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Well-Known Member

    How did you upgrade? Have you tried a system restore?
  6. dssr

    dssr Member

    I upgraded over wifi and tried a system restore, still the same :(
  7. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Well-Known Member

  8. Kie

    Kie Well-Known Member

    Can you take some screenshots?
  9. dssr

    dssr Member

    I'm not sure it is going to show much, but looking at the one attached, its very dull compared to pre ICS (which was really vivid).

    Attached Files:

  10. dssr

    dssr Member

    I have also found the following :

    1) Some widgets are unresponsive and take 2 or 3 taps for the app to open.
    2) The last IP address used in DHCP mode is retained and the phone will try to connect using that IP with another wifi hotspot (known issue on many forums)
    3) Screen can black out for around 3 seconds while an app is loading.

    The guys in my local phone shop confirmed a lot of customers have complained about a lack of screen contrast since ICM update. I compared my phone to other gingerbread S2's and there is a marked difference.
    I can put up with the screen and the odd blackout, but issue no 1 with the unresponsive widgets is a pain. Its like using an old Nokia with early touch screen technology. The S2 has gone from a silky smooth, vivid masterpiece to an early incarnation of a Nokia.

    Lesson learnt, only update 6 months after the software is released :(
  11. VladUK

    VladUK Member

    Since I have updated my Galaxy SII (sim free version) to ICS 4.0.3 I noticed that whenever I charge the battery, device is getting hot ( on the left side back of the phone ) and also battery drains much faster then before (which never happened while it was on Gingerbread 2,3,4) also I found that screen is not responsive as it was!

    Sometimes take couple times to understand that I am pressing certain menu or icon on screen, strange but it's true! As well as more RAM is being used now with ICS than with the Gingerbread.

    Also in the Setting Menu I noticed that some of the informations are not visible as they used to be, there so dark gray now I need extra effort to see them! I'm regreting the day when I updadated to ICS 4.0.3!
  12. dssr

    dssr Member

    With have a similar issue with the screen responsiveness. Do you also have the lack of contast (duller display) ?
  13. joyern

    joyern New Member

    i have the same problem when updating form gb to ics on my galaxy note. when downgrading to gb again evereything goes back to normal. i have tried several different ics releases and get the colorproblem on them all.

    anyone have a solution?

  14. chippychip

    chippychip Member

    I too found that the area you described was getting very hot, also it sometimes never charged. I took it back for repair, and the guys at Civic in Bedford found that the USB module was faulty and so they replaced it, and took it back to samsung for recalibration. It might be worthwhile to have the phone checked over. Mine was out of warranty, but it only cost me
  15. Argjent

    Argjent Active Member

    I am having a slightly similar issue only with the contrast of the UI (blue and grey elements) , compared with other S2 phones mine look whiter, but I do get perfect AMOLED blacks, all of this on stock Gingerbread :-(

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