wat r some cool FREE!!!! themes for pandahome???

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  1. theguy1995

    theguy1995 Member

    i hav three themes for pandahome and none r that good i wanted to know if there is any cool ones for free

    also i hav downloaded a game called alchemy if u know of it can u HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont know anything about alchemy ut i want to beat it and dont want to buy hints so if u hav a cheat sheet or cold tell me the rite way to go then i would appreciate it :D

  2. Ally305

    Ally305 Well-Known Member

    I have PinkyFox,FlyingDandelion,Blossom Age,Fly to Sky,Happy 2010,ChickenEvil,gChrome.
  3. theguy1995

    theguy1995 Member

    thx i just found a bunch of free ones and those u listed were all on the list i got like 2 or 3 more from there and i really like the industrial age or somethen:)
  4. Ally305

    Ally305 Well-Known Member

    your welcome!!
    i love panda home :)

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