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Watch dvd on blackberry playbook? It's very urgent and I'm waiting answers hereGeneral

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  1. Pisslen

    Pisslen New Member

    Okay I make it short: I have made a romantic video for a girl, I'm going to play it on her BlackBerry Playbook tomorrow night(her birthday), i think she will fall in love with me if i do this. But the video type is dvd(mov) that can be support on her playbook, how to convert DVD to blackberry playbook? I need help right now, thanks in advance:D

  2. Jackerry

    Jackerry New Member

  3. Pisslen

    Pisslen New Member

  4. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    BTW Welcome to the forums, Pisslen! :D

    I'm sure it's too late, but I'd like throw a shout-out to DVD Catalyst 4. It's a PC program that is downloaded and installed. Start it, pop in a DVD, and it will convert it to almost any format for almost any device... including the Playbook. Just an FYI :)

    I hope your romantic efforts were successful - sounds like a great idea!
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