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Watch IPCAM and Webcam feeds on your Android

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  1. 4rcreations

    4rcreations New Member

    WWWebcam is an Android application that gives you access to thousands of IP camera and Webcams from around the world. You can add your private IPCAM feeds & watch what's happening at home or office.

    Give it a try - package name = com.r4creations.wviewer

    Application features:

    • Access to over 1200 IP Cam and Webcam feeds
      • Access to feeds by categories such as Aquarium, Beaches, Hotels.....27 categories in all
      • Access to feeds by countries. As of this writing there are 71 countries with feeds listed in our app
      • Or simply let the application play random feeds from around the world
    • Displays the location of the webcam along with current local time from that location
    • Private IP Camera can be added to the application for viewing your home or office at any time
    • Add feeds to create your favorites list
    • Take snapshots of the feed you are watching just by touching the screen; share it with your friends/family or upload to our website. Check out some great snapshots taken by our users from around the world @
    • http://www.4rcreations.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8&Itemid=9

  2. 4rcreations

    4rcreations New Member

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