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  1. jpgs4a

    jpgs4a Member

    Anyone know how to keep the watch on remote out of my notification panel?ive entered the app and disabled it to where it goes away.but if I reboot my phone its back again and I have to repeat the process. Can anyone help?

  2. jaydub110

    jaydub110 Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same problem I don't use mine & it's annoying. When I get that icon in the notification panel I just drag down & hit the clear button & it goes away for a while I wish I new how to disable it too. :confused:
  3. aajimmyd

    aajimmyd Member

    Open up the Watch On App. Press your bottom left key. A menu will appear then select settings. Scroll down to notifications and uncheck "Show remote control on notification panel".
  4. jpgs4a

    jpgs4a Member

    @ ayjimmyad,thats what I do but when I turn my phone on its back everytime.

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