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[WatchFace] Football 3D World

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  1. PL_Rekin

    PL_Rekin New Member This Topic's Starter

    Mar 23, 2016
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    Hi. I've just released my new Watch Face. This is an app from a fan to all soccer / football fans allover the world. Watch Face contains the newest Euro 2016 match ball. Digital/analog Watch Face with lots of Settings:
    Football 3D World Watch Face

    And the video how this Watch Face looks like:

    Features :
    ★ Beautiful animated watch face with well-known match balls. Choose from analog and digital version.
    ★ 6 well-known football / soccer match balls.
    ★ +2 amazing static backgrounds.
    ★ Mobile and wear app.
    ★ Battery Indicator Module.
    ★ Lots of options to choose from. Personalize your Watch Face!
    ★ Different settings for Analog and Digital Watch Face.
    ★ More amazing improvements still to come.


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