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  1. caravaggio

    caravaggio Well-Known Member

    I watch sport (mainly football and rugby) on

    It's free and usually works well on my laptops with very smooth motion.

    When I try to do the same on my Transformer TF101 (ICS) the result is very poor. The motion is jerky and often stops.

    Why is this? Is there any solution?


  2. beerzy

    beerzy New Member

    The jerky nature of the images is because a 3G network isn't has fast as the ADSL 2 connection
  3. peterc10

    peterc10 Well-Known Member

    Errrr .... AFAIK the tf 101 is not on a 3G network, or any other mobile/cell phone network. It only has wifi doesn't it? It's a tablet not a phone. And even it is did there is no suggestion form the OP that he was using 3G rather than the wifi he is using for the laptop.

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