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  1. jrjreeves

    jrjreeves New Member


    The WatchOn App which I use to control my TV vanished after an update of androids systems which I installed today. On the app store it can only be accessed (for me anyways) through google search in which it states it is not compatible with my device.

    Why is this?? It worked before perfectly, I couldnt fault it.

  2. What they recommend after you install and update (ota) is to do a factory restore so that the old settings can be removed and the new take over. Once that is done it should work. My friend had the same issue. he did a factory restore and now it works.
  3. jrjreeves

    jrjreeves New Member

    Thanks for your reply, but wont a factory reset clear out my photos messages and apps etc?
  4. Pretty much a factory restore will reset it back to when you got it at the beginning. I know it's a hassle to do, but this type of thing is usually fixed doing a factory restore:rolleyes:

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