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  1. Michelle1112

    Michelle1112 New Member

    What is the water damage sticker supposed to look like? White w/ red x's or plain white or wut? Plz help!

  2. rebel101150

    rebel101150 Well-Known Member

    wut yu men tha wite spotz?!
    If it's red you managed water damage somehow.
  3. Michelle1112

    Michelle1112 New Member

    How is the sticker supposed to look? Mine is a white square with red x's. Does tht mean water damage?
  4. rebel101150

    rebel101150 Well-Known Member

    I just stated yes. If there is any red, it's not necessarily damage but to cricket it's seen as water damage. It just means you got it wet.
  5. mistermsk

    mistermsk Active Member

    Can I ask where the Water Sticker is?

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