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    Oct 4, 2012
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    Well first of all, this is my first post, I feel bad for 'using' you lot for help here. I moderate a few forums myself and it drives me nuts when people do this >_>

    I'm an iPhone user but my mum has android, she let her Wildfire S get into the washing machine. After 10 minutes on a hot cycle we noticed and removed it. I managed to dry most of it out but you can still see water in the screen (which is currently in a bag of rice).

    So my question is, when I remove the LCD screen, it appears to have a metal backing. Can I remove this metal backing to aid in the drying process? Or is it built into the rest of the screen? Anything else I can do to the LCD screen to speed up the drying process?

    Thanks and sorry for dropping in like this o:



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