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  1. xSpartan

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    To be straight to the point, my phone took a dive into the shower; it hit the floor and did get wet but I picked it up in like under 3 seconds. The phone instantly shut off. I get out and towel it off, then open up the back and took out the battery, it was slightly wet on the top of it and a little under it as well, I dried everything off (that I could see).

    I power it back on to see if it still works, it did turn on just fine. I thought everything was clear so I began to use it for around 3 minutes and it just shut off again. Well, crap.

    It won't turn on anymore, and I'm finding that there definitely was a bit more water in there that I couldnt see, for instance when I slide out the keyboard there is drops of water on it. Even when I plug it in to charge the light doesn't turn on so I know thats not working. Its just sitting in the sun right now and I'm not sure what to do or if it can be fixed/undone or if it is permanent.

    I would appreciate any help that can be given, whether its telling me how to do something or even giving me the bad news that its probably permanent. I'm hoping for the best though. Thanks in advance.

  2. El Presidente

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    Sorry your phone got a bit wet!

    Best bet is to remove the battery cover and battery and place it in a box of rice, in a warm, dry cupboard for at least 48 hours. Any less and you risk doing more damage to the handset than has been done already.

    Based on what you've said though, it might not work, sorry. The worst thing you can do when a handset is wet is to turn it on.
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  3. xSpartan

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    Hmm, well thank you! I will do that and update you soon.

    Edit: Update...I did the rice thing but I got a little impatient, got it out and put the battery back in and it actually worked...for most of a day but I turned it off and went to charge it and when I plugged it back in it went to the red M at startup then stayed there forever, pulled battery out and put it back in and it said "Bootloader D0.11 Battery Low Cannot Program". A little while later, I plug it back in and nothing happens but the small white light on the side (that tells you if its charging or not) is flashing, thats never happened to me before. Apart from that it won't turn on or anything.

    Another thing, I think I may be up for a new phone anyway (according to the plan I have) so if I can't fix it all is not lost, I'd just rather keep it working, so someone else on my plan can upgrade their phone instead. If it changes anything, I did root the phone, so if I take it in and they can fix it will they be able to notice? I did not really do anything to it as far as getting custom roms, overclocking or anything like that yet though.

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