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  1. grogan67

    grogan67 New Member

    Bought my Samsung Infuse 4G in August 2011.

    I am on a Volunteer on a fire department near Nashville, TN and My department has set up a Text Message Alert System that sends us a Text message containing a .wav file that is a recording of the dispatch, immediately after the call is paged out. I get the message, and it says:

    The Part audio/mpeg; name=" File name is Here.wav" was removed as not supported

    I have looked at the detailes and it says there is no attachment, it seems like the text IS the file for some reason.

    And it doesn't play the file. I am not the only person not receiving the file, and some of the other people have different phones like the Iphone, and some others. I live in Middle, TN but I have a Kansas Area code and phone number, I'm not sure but would that have anything to do with it?

    ANY HELP would be very much appreciated. thanks

  2. Lombardi

    Lombardi Well-Known Member

    Is the data turned on,? When u receive it?
  3. grogan67

    grogan67 New Member

    Yes it is, and I thought that that might be an issue at first, but then I heard that there are a few other people with different phones having the exact same issue.

    It may be a possibility that it is the system messing up and not our phones.

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