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way to have seperate folders in photo gallery?

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  1. shorgasm

    shorgasm New Member

    ive tried help that i found online, as in hooking up to computer and adding folders, but still, if i go to the gallery i have 2 folders regardless. "my pics" and "all pics". it doesnt show any folders. if i snap a pic itll be in "my pics", any other pic i add just goes into "all pics". this is frustrating as i want it neat and easily navigated... not going thru every picture i have

  2. Jorge22f

    Jorge22f Member

    Thats weird have you tried using a file manager? I use linda file manager and when I create a folder and put pictures there they have their own picture gallery, and even the folders I didn't make like the download folder from the browser. Hope this helps
  3. photocyclist58

    photocyclist58 New Member

    I had the same problem. I solved it by physically powering down the device. Hold down the power button until it says power down. When you powered back up it will be rebuild the databases. Hope this works for you.
  4. mta98tmc

    mta98tmc New Member

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