Way to send a text as any number?Support

  1. Noli777

    Noli777 New Member

    Hi I'm looking for a way to send a text/sms as any sender (one that I can change). Preferably free and in app form. My phone is rooted if that helps with anything. Thanks

  2. Noli777

    Noli777 New Member

  3. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Your carrier's SMSC will know the number it really comes from, so I'd have thought you'd need to make changes there rather than on your phone.
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  4. Noli777

    Noli777 New Member

    I'm not sure what I would need to do I'm just hoping there is an easy way
  5. imoutanamez

    imoutanamez Member

    Apologies, as u know i have a little problem with authority but it falls in the line of respect so i will obey.

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