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Ways to connect Epic to tvSupport

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  1. janzt10

    janzt10 Member

    set aside from using a blue ray player, Xbox 360, or newer tv with built in DLNA, what are other ways to connect the epic to a tv ??? any Hdmi Adaptors ???

  2. SlyFerret

    SlyFerret Well-Known Member

    There is a micro USB to HDMI cable from Samsung, but... When I was told at the Samsung booth at CES that the US versions of the Galaxy S family lack the chip necessary for HDMI output.

  3. Hizorse

    Hizorse Well-Known Member

    From what I've read they have the hardware in the 3.5mm jack to produce TV out but don't have a kernel capable of doing it. I heard that a guy at XDA got it working and was sent cease and desist letters from Sprint and Samsung.
  4. dangerdat

    dangerdat Active Member

    Unfortunately, you'll have to use media streaming. I use Twonky which is pretty baller-status.

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