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  1. carawlins

    carawlins Member

    OK, I just started over from the beginning.

    I created a Hotmail account and it has been added to Outlook.

    Now my problem is getting all of the contacts to transfer from my default contacts folder in Outlook to the Hotmail folder. For some reason, only about 1/3 of the contacts are transferring. Any suggestions on how to get ALL of the contacts to transfer to the new Hotmail folder? Thanks!

  2. carawlins

    carawlins Member

    I have been trying for over a week to sync my Motorola Atrix phone using the instructions included in this thread. I have finally come to the conclusion that maybe my phone does not include the "ActiveSync" software. Does anyone know if the Atrix includes the ActiveSync software? I have tried everything and I have not been able to find it to complete syncing my phone. Thanks for your help!
  3. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    I don't know what your problem is with the Atrix but you can sync without ActiveSync by using Go Contact Sync Mod & Google Calendar Sync.
  4. carawlins

    carawlins Member

    Thanks for the reply! I was attempting to sync using the instructions in this tread and NOT use Google to do it. I am just not able to find the "ActiveSync" application that is referenced in this thread. I will just have to keep looking. Peace!

  5. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    I understand that I did not give you the answer you are looking for but I do not use that method. Just in case uou give up on the method in this post you could try my previous suggestion or you could try https://www.forge.funambol.org/download/ which also syncs you gamol account with Outlook.
  6. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Well-Known Member

    I think ActiveSync is part of the Android OS and so you should be able to sync through Hotmail with ANY phone using Android 2.2 or newer.

    If you go into "Account & Sync Settings" on your phone, is the Hotmail account listed as a "Corporate" account with a square icon, or a "Google" account with a "g" icon? It should be listed as a "Corporate" account.
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  7. carawlins

    carawlins Member

    Thanks again for your reply RazzMaTazz! On my Atrix (I am using Android v. 2.3.4) there is a selection for "Accounts" only and not "Account & Sync Settings". I also don't see any selection for "Sync Settings" or any similar term. I do see something called "Corporate Sync" but when I tried that, it did not work using the instructions. Maybe the lack of these selections is unique to Atrix phones. Your instructions have been very good but maybe the Atrix phone is not able to implement them. Peace!

  8. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Well-Known Member

    I was intrigued by this solution so I tested it out for a few days. It works OK, but I prefer the Hotmail method. I came up with the following list of pros and cons for the Hotmail method versus the Go Contact Sync Mod + Google Calendar Sync method.

    Hotmail Method:
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  9. carawlins

    carawlins Member

    RazzMaTazz, you are to be commended for the service that you provide here. This is a well researced and valuable comparison. Thanks for all that you do here! Peace!

  10. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    RazzMaTazz - You obviously spent a lot of time researching both methods and you analysis is very interesting. Once I get my Android I will probably try both methods to see which I prefer. I actually was not aware of the Hotmail method until I saw it here. With my current setup (BlackBerry) the sync is not an issue since it is built in (probably the only big advantage that BB has over Android).
  11. carawlins

    carawlins Member

    RazzMaTazz has presented a well written, comprehensive instruction on how to sync Android phones using Hotmail and many have been able to implement the process. I have an Atrix phone but I have not been able to get it to work on my phone. Are there any Atrix users here that HAVE been able to get it to work? If so, what exactly did you do to achieve this (my issue has been finding something similar to "ActiveSync" on the Atrix)? Thanks in advance for any replies given. Peace!
  12. carawlins

    carawlins Member

    I am a former BB user so I can probably share some of my experience with you in syncing your Android phone. You are certainly correct, syncing with BB is so seamless that it is hardly noticable; even when you first use the phone. If you are considering the Atrix, just know that I have spent considerable time attempting to use the Hotmail sync as detailed here (a very nice job, I might add) and have not been able to get it to work. Others here using differing types of phones have been able able to do it successfully. Just research the type of phone that you want to purchase to asertain whether it can use the instructions detailed here (most probably can). I hope this helps. Peace!

  13. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    carawlins - thanks for the advice but I have several criteria requirements (4G LTE is highest) and since I know that I will be able to use at least one method for sync then I can look at other criteria.

    As I mentioned above there are several other metods to sync so I am sure that I can find one I like.
  14. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    To follow up on RazzMaTazz comment about the fields that sync between Outlook and Gmail using Go Contact Sync Mod - the home 2 field does transfer (it shows as home). The phone fileds that do not sync are:
    Call back
    Other fax

    If anyone runs a test on the HotMail method I would be interested if they could list the phone fields that do not transfer
  15. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

  16. chamski

    chamski New Member

    Hi RazzMaTazz,

    Thanks so much for this very informative post. I'm wondering if you think that your approach with Hotmail would help me in trying to combine my Outlook calendar and contacts from work (exchange server) with a personal Outlook calendar and contacts that I have at home in a .pst, so that the superset of these two can be synched to my phone. I don't want my personal calendar or contacts to be added to my work Outlook and I don't want my work calendar or contacts to be added to my personal Outlook at home.

    I currently have my work calendar and contacts being synced to my Bionic using Corporate Sync. I'm just not sure if there is any way to somehow combine the work and personal calendars together and the work and personal contacts together onto my phone.

    I used to be able to do what I needed with Funambol, using their 1-way sync between outlook client1 (work) and myFunambol and also using their 1-way sync between outlook client2 (home) and my Funambol, with a 1-way sync going between MyFunambol and my phone. Unfortunately, they eliminated the 1-way sync option because it was causing confusion for users, even though it worked perfectly for my use case.

    Any thoughts you have would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for your time.
  17. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    It should work AFAIK. Your phone will treat both calendars as separate calendars, one as an exchange calendar, while the other is a hotmail calendar. On your phone, simply go to Calendar app>Settings>Calendars and enable both calendars to show. The Calendar app should show the entries simultaneously.
  18. chamski

    chamski New Member

    Thanks for your response ChanChan05. I did some testing with the calendar last night and it seemed to work. I just need to test some contacts and see how they work.

  19. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Well-Known Member

    I tested all but the most obscure fields on both Hotmail (which was noted in my original post) and Gmail.

    The 24 Hotmail-synchronized fields (with the phone's data field label in parentheses where different from Outlook) are:
    First name, Last name, Company, Suffix, Home phone, Home2 phone (also “Home”), Home fax, Business phone (“Work”), Business2 phone (also “Work), Business fax, Home fax #, Mobile #, Pager #, Radio #, Email 1, Email 2, Email 3, Office address, Home address, Nickname, Website, IM, Birthday (which can’t be edited from the phone), & Notes.

    The 26 Go Contact Sync Mod-synchronized fields (with the phone's data field label in parentheses where different from Outlook) are:
    First name, Last name, Suffix, Home phone, Home2 phone (also “Home”), Home fax, Business phone (“Work”), Business2 phone (also “Work”), Business fax (“Work fax”), Home fax #, Mobile #, Pager #, Assistant # (blank field label), Car phone (“Work Fax”), Other# (“Main”), Email 1, Email 2 (“Email Home”), Email 3 (“Email Work”), Office address (“Work Address”), Home address, Other address, Nickname, Birthday (which can’t be edited from phone), Anniversary (which can’t be edited from phone), Notes, & Contact photo.

    * Note that for both Hotmail and Go Contact Sync Mod, although some fields appear as duplicates on the phone (e.g. Home & Home 2 both appear as “Home” on the phone) if those fields are edited on the phone they are synchronized properly with Outlook. (I’m not sure how Gmail or Hotmail keeps track of them.)

    Hotmail syncs the following 1 field with Android that Go Contact Sync Mod does not sync:
    Radio #.

    Go Contact Sync Mod syncs the following 3 fields with Android that Hotmail does not sync:
    Other address, Anniversary, & Contact Photo.

    Some of the many Outlook fields that both Hotmail & Go Contacts do not sync with Android are:
    Other #, TTY/TDD #, Company Main #, ISDN#, Callback #, Primary #, Other fax #, Assistant name, Department, Account, Children, Profession, Spouse, Gender, Office Location, Sensitivity, Journal, User Fields, et al.
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  20. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Well-Known Member

    I could be wrong but that new Hotmail app doesn't seem to help with contact/calendar synchronization but it brings some better integration for Windows Live features, like photos. I'm not going to bother with it unless I hear something great about it.
  21. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Well-Known Member

    I don't have an Exchange Server to test it with, but I think it should work. You're just setting up multiple accounts so you should be able to pick and choose whether you want to sync each account and "display" the calendar or contacts for each account. Please let us know if it works.
  22. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    RazzMaTazz - thanks for doing all that work. Your response is very comprehensive.
  23. mikepala85

    mikepala85 Active Member

    I use OutlookReflex to do this job. But its great option to sync our outlook and android.

    Will it work for all android versions?
  24. niccib

    niccib New Member

    My outlook does not sync, I have added the hotmail connector, added my hotmail address, it says mapi as type, I have done a send/recieve several times, I have deleted everything[/U][/B]and started over several times, the server status in the bottom right corner says "contecting" and always says contecting....It has been 2 days and does not change, I cant figure out what I have done wrong or missed.
  25. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Well-Known Member

    As I stated in my original post, the Hotmail method works for Android Version 2.2 and newer. OutlookReflex works for Android version 1.6 and newer. For users of Android version 2.2 & newer, I see practically no advantage (and a few disadvantages) of OutlookReflex ($9.99) over the free Hotmail method.

    OutlookReflex touts its ability to synchronize Hotmail's stored mail folders but the free Hotmail method does that too.

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