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  1. tattedman

    tattedman Well-Known Member

    Ok people we need more activity on this phone........ we need developers....

    I am new to this phone..... if you look up my post you will see i have had the LG Ally, Moto Citrus & the MyTouch Slide (for a week...good phone but major hardware issue)....

    I am looking to make this board as active as the ally and mytouch.... come on people let make this a popular phone....

    I am looking at all this phone has to offer and so far am impressed....
    Most people look down on this phone cause of the crap moto blur i hated it fixed that issue downloaded adw launcher trust me you will love it....

    I am learning all i can about the phone before i root it......

    I don't claim to know alll but im willing to give it a shot.... i don't have a problem admitting when i don't know.... i will post stuff here often on how to improve this already amazing phone

    Peace all

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  2. sookieball

    sookieball Well-Known Member

    You should ask the aca team to help out!
    That's what we did for the galaxy indulge.
  3. tattedman

    tattedman Well-Known Member

    I do apologize but what is the aca team?
  4. sookieball

    sookieball Well-Known Member

    Android (somthing) syndicate.
    They are a developer team. User shabbypenguin is one of them.
    He and the acs team developed the only working one-cick-root for the samsung galaxy indulge.

    We should get a bounty going for the cliq2
    You know
    Users wit the fone pledge money to the developer(s)
    To make us a custom recovery and rom.

    Also z4root works to root it.
    And i heard clockworkmod works too.
    But at risk of bricking the fone
    I wouldnt recomend trying it till we get a dev to help
  5. tattedman

    tattedman Well-Known Member

    I would recommend following a couple of the tips I'v given like getting rid of the original launcher and using adw launcher its a temp fix but it seems to work decently.......
    you will have a harder time trying to find someone to develop for this phone as in a way moto has been blacklisted..... mostly cause of the locked bootloaders.....

    Well I have spent lots of times to tweek this phone...... z4root works takes longer than every other phone iv tried it on..... I am trying to get a tutorial together for those that want to do it the old school way...... I don't recommend clockwork its not the best ....... It caused me many headaches with the ally.... I will do some testing to see how it works but really theres not a good point to do this yet as there is no roms..... I'm trying to find the person that ported cm to the original cliq to see if they would be interested in doing it for the cliq 2. When I had mytouch slide briefly I tried cm 7 and liked it.
  6. sookieball

    sookieball Well-Known Member

    The type of recovery doesnt matter.
    Ive just had more exp. Flashing roms with cwm and never had any probs.
    And recovery is very important.
    First steps should start with recovery.
    After recovery we can work on roms.
    And really cwm is a very superior recovery over most.
    I have used cwm with my old huawei ascend and never had any probs other than user error not the cwm itself.
    Amon-ra would be nice.
    And it would be awesome if anyone knows what bloaware is safe to remove.
    Also if someone can create a script to remove motobur.
    Im waiting on my cliq2 but rest assured.
    I will root.
    I will remove bloat.
    And i will find a way to remove motoblur.
    I know some people in developement who might help.
    And im telling you
    If you want a great team of dev who are super friendly and
    Always willing to help

    ACS is where we should be turning to.
    The galxy indulge is REDICULOUSLY blocked in terms of removal of bloatware and custom mods.
    Titanium backup cant remove bloat.
    Superuser was not able to be installed(thats not an issue anymore)
    And even a full root has not been developed!
    Well its a kinda full root.
    But now we(indulge owners)
    Have root, superuser, and are closer to custom roms and kernels because word reached ACS that people needed help.

    If we can start the bunty
    If only to catch more attention
    Than i know things will start to look better for the cliq2.
  7. tattedman

    tattedman Well-Known Member

    I did some more research there has never been a successful removal of motoblur to date....... My way of removing it is the best so far most people just say remove the widgets and use task killer. That would need to be done each time the phone is reset( the task killer). The way of changing the launcher ensures that you don't have to kill motoblur each time.

    I know some people like Clockwork(mostly as it is easily flashed from rom manager) but I have found problems it.... I have seen many people brick there ally cause of it......


    These are important parts of the phone..... I will try removing motoblur and let you know.....

    I will also contact Trident to see if he could help me find a way to remove motoblur....... I will keep you posted
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  8. sookieball

    sookieball Well-Known Member

    Alright! Kewl! Oh i have a pretty good idea of what not to delete.
    Obviously nothing google. An thanks for the other stuff.

    Let me know what i can do to help and id be more than happy to be a tester for anything.
  9. tattedman

    tattedman Well-Known Member

    Also I forgot to mention don't delete the dialer but I thought that would go with out saying ALSO DON'T TOUCH GTALK that would be a major issue trust me you dont no how many threads Iv seen with removing that and the phone becomes useless till fixed
  10. sookieball

    sookieball Well-Known Member

    Oh dde thats what i ment by google preinstalled apps.
    When i was on th huawei ascend alot of idiots thot deleteing google apps would be fine.
    Yeah, NO!
    Lol im gonnna research what tmobile apps can be uninstalled at no risk to brick.
    Why is it all over the net that the cliq 2 is a 4g fone?
    Its rediculous! From what im finding its "4g"
    Nah tmobile sites say 3g.
    And in store! It says on the cliq 2's price tag
    "Enjoy 4g speeds"!!!
  11. tattedman

    tattedman Well-Known Member

    The reason it says 4g is that it's "capable" of 4g...... The HSPA is capable of EDGE 3g and 4g if you pay for the speed..... I think I'v seen 4g once....... The icon stays the 3g. Its in the fine print.....

    TMO you should be able to remove the My Account, AppPack, Blockbuster, Highlights, My Device, Slacker, social networking, T-Mobile Mall

    I should look into becoming a moto cliq 2 phone guide ha
  12. sookieball

    sookieball Well-Known Member

    Thats for sure!
    Dude i thot it was only 3g!
    Im on the even more plan unlimited everythin(supposed to be 99bucks a month but i got a deal for 79.)
    So id have to pay more still?

    Edit: oh i get it! Its just 3g over their 4g network(if that makes sense)
    Its not actually 4g persay.....:-?
  13. tattedman

    tattedman Well-Known Member

    No it is 4g "capable" with that plan....there really isn't much difference in speed IMO....
    Read this:
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  14. sookieball

    sookieball Well-Known Member

    Dude ur truly the phone guide guru! Lol
    Well whatever the case!
    Coming from the metro pcs samsung galaxy indulge with 4g LTE
    And usual speed of 2.7mbps
    Which honestly is pretty goodand fast.
    It sucked.
    It wasnt like a regular thing.
    The phone would lose 4g ALL THE TIME
    Even the 1x(2g) would disapear for a while.
    And for a 400 dollar phone
    @60 bucks a month
    With crappy connection.
    It wasnt worth keeping.
    Im happy with switching to better coverage
    And a constant connection to 3g.
    Not to mention being able to talk and surf.
    Metro 4g is very fast. But hardly ever connected.
    If im not sitting still in my house. I dont get the 4g.
    1x is to slow for web browsing.

    So ill be happy with 3g. I know it.
  15. etmaster15

    etmaster15 New Member

    And this phone not mostly want in the world.... very minimum users, so developer too.

    the front panel is good but key panel is bad looking,
    So, In my opinion(My ideal+ego)..

    The best phone of mine should be 3.5 - 3.7 inch, multi -touch capacitive screen, gsm + hsdpa/hsupa, the front panel should be like Motorola Cliq2 (ex.) But the key panel should be 5 rows as like as LG eve(GW620), ANd the phone must have second camera + flash+ HD (upload YouTube etc..)..It's dreammmmm..isn't??

  16. tattedman

    tattedman Well-Known Member

    Well the phone is good people are turned off the fact its moto but me and a couple other devs are working on flashing custom rom which will make this phone a wanted phone look at the lg ally at first everyone hated it but now the phone is really decent
  17. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Well-Known Member

    I think the phone isnt as popular because of the 3g/4g confusion around the time 4g phones started coming out
  18. Tathagata

    Tathagata Member

  19. tattedman

    tattedman Well-Known Member

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