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Weak SignalSupport

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  1. uapuat

    uapuat Member

    My HTC One X plus has a very weak phone signal, and sometimes the signal drops altogether. Other phones on the same carrier show full bars while mine sometimes barely registers a signal at all. Is that usual for this phone or is my unit defective? I sometimes cannot send text messages.

  2. Paddy_R

    Paddy_R Member

    For the first time ever I can now get 3G in my house and its only because of the one X. My mate with an iPhone 4S and who's on the same network can set his phone beside mine and he doesn't get the 3G signal. I've also found it to he better in places where my old sensation used to drop signal.
  3. Pappy35

    Pappy35 Well-Known Member

    @Paddy: One X or One X+?
  4. Paddy_R

    Paddy_R Member

    Sorry, one X plus.

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