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  1. bcrider

    bcrider Member

    When I first purchased this phone through TMobile, not only were the vibrations weak for texts and calls, but the sounds were also a problem and hard to hear in a pocket at max volume. My friends phone had most of the same ringtones but a different model phone so I copied their tones over mine and theirs were much louder sounding on my phone compared to the ones in my list that didn't get overwritten. I've Googled on and off over the months looking for a way to up the intensity level of the vibrations for texts and calls but haven't found anything, not even and app for that. I haven't rooted or altered this phone beyond installing apps.

    Called into Tmobile tech support this week and factory rest it to no avail. They sent me a new phone in the mail and it's the same, low db ringtones and notification tones and very weak vibration.

    The GS2 phones on a particular Canadian network are build a bit differently and have a good vibration mechanism and the GS2 phones on Sprint are a bit different too because I believe they have the flashing LED light on the front, so that means that not all GS2 phones are built with the same hardware. This makes it hard to figure out if it's a software problem or a hardware problem.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I haven't rooted or installed a different ROM before so has anyone had this weak vibration problem then installed a different ROM and this fix it? I ask this thinking that maybe the mechanism has the ability to vibrate with more intensity but has been engineered down for some reason.

    I'm babbling now and not really educated enough on what all could be gained to combat this problem via a new ROM.

    Any thoughts or comments from others with this problem?

  2. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    I don;t know about the vibration issue but you can easily increase the loudness of a ringtone using Windows Sound Recorder which was standard on all Windows PC's through Windows 7. Jsut copy the ringtone to the desktop, open with sound recorder then using Effects increase the volume to your hearts content. Copy your new and improved ringtone back to your phone.
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  3. bcrider

    bcrider Member

    Oh okay, that is pretty easy. I'll have to find a similar way to do this on a Mac. Thanks!
  4. ParishL31

    ParishL31 Well-Known Member

    The stock vibration settings were a bit weak for my tastes too, I've downloaded "Smart Vibrator" which lets you change the vibration pattern for notifications and calls. While it doesn't let you change the intensity, a longer vibration pattern may help with noticing it.
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  5. dupek

    dupek Well-Known Member

    I am using custom rom (Jedi Mind Tricks) where the vibration intensity can be adjust in settings. The vibrator is in top left corner, glue to the case. It could come lose. You will have to do some "hard labor" to get there(just kidding). It is very easy. Pop the back cover, get the battery out. Six philips small screw and the main board cover will be out. You would see the vibrator in small round hole at the top left corner. If come lose, just push it back. Reverse assembly and you done.
  6. ba1970

    ba1970 Member

    Flash an AOKP rom.

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