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Weather application with severe weather alerts ?

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  1. kkwus74

    kkwus74 Well-Known Member

    anyone knows of a weather application for the evo that is something like berrryweather?.......that it will give you a sever weather alert in the notification bar?Thanks in advance:)


    THEFORCE Well-Known Member

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  3. kaisies

    kaisies Well-Known Member

    I use the weather one he linked... I like it!
  4. kkwus74

    kkwus74 Well-Known Member

    thanks ill try it out......i downloaded my cast weather but theres no notifications for severe weather alerts in the notification bar.........
  5. sagedil

    sagedil Well-Known Member

    Trust me. WC alerts. Almost too many. Changed settings to only get moderate and severe and still got every heat warning while I was in Charleston these last few days. I kept saying "well duh" LOL.
  6. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    WeatherBug also has weather alerts. I've used it for ages.

    THEFORCE Well-Known Member

    Yeah if you dnt like WC weatherbug is good too
  8. kkwus74

    kkwus74 Well-Known Member

    just downloaded it and im digging it:)...thanks....but how do you change the settings? and after reading the alert,does the notification icon go away???....Thanks
  9. berardi1111

    berardi1111 Well-Known Member

    Not really what you're asking for but I use www.wunderground.com they said me email weather alerts, full html they look nice and also daily forecasts in the AM. No extra background app running, and wunderground is quite good. They have a nice mobile site too, i.wund.com
  10. dsarch21

    dsarch21 Well-Known Member

    I love weatherbug elite. (you can get the free version too)
    it gives you alerts on your task bar....pretty awesome

    edit: sorry, should have kept reading.....weatherbug already mentioned....
  11. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    If you are asking about Weatherbug, yes, the alert icon goes away after you read it (or clear the notifications).

    Which settings are you trying to change?
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  12. kkwus74

    kkwus74 Well-Known Member

    i was trying the weather channel.......cant seem to be able to channge settings....and the red alert on the notification bar stays there after reading it:(

    THEFORCE Well-Known Member

    what about pressing the clear button?
  14. kkwus74

    kkwus74 Well-Known Member

    tried that ......doesnt work...it just exits out of the application....
  15. edlex

    edlex Well-Known Member

    I really wish radarscope would come to android already. I love it on my touch and ipad. Best radar app with live alerts.
  16. v01rider

    v01rider Well-Known Member

  17. aburgthing

    aburgthing Well-Known Member

    Try Palmary Weather. Best weather app IMHO. Paid in market but worth it. Oh yeah gives severe weather alerts.
  18. Bloomy6

    Bloomy6 Well-Known Member

    Weatherbug for android is free and has alerts for severe weather. You can even have it send you text messages of severe weather alerts. Super app with lots of features for free
  19. Lennatron

    Lennatron Well-Known Member

    Go to the market and search: The Weather Channel. It shows weather warnings and watches in the notification bar. You can also get then Nowcast, Hourly, 36 Hour, 10 Day, and a really cool future weather radar map that pinpoints your location.:D
  20. Crodley

    Crodley Well-Known Member

  21. TulsaTime

    TulsaTime Well-Known Member

    If you just want severe weather alerts you can also go to weather.com & sign up for text alerts for severe weather. They send you a free text message.
  22. AndroidWeather

    AndroidWeather New Member

    New App on the market that does just this
    Just $4.99 a year (Your life is worth it)

    With TorWarn you will have access to Tornado Warnings, Severe Thunderstorm Warnings, Tornado Watches, and Severe Thunderstorm Watches as soon as they become available. This application Uploads your position to our server which then searches the National Weather Service instantly for Warnings / Watches / Alerts in your area. If you are in a Warning or Watch your phone will be alerted and you can take the necessary actions to protect life and property. Android Weather Alerts

    Download Here!
  23. Trippmcnealy

    Trippmcnealy New Member

    "Radar Now" is pretty good for just a radar
  24. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    All of the above are great weather apps. A big factor for me is how local the report is. Living in a small town in Iowa, I like WeatherBug Elite. One, because of the temp icon in the notification bar. Two, because it provides plenty of info and weather alerts (which can be updated as often as every 15 minutes.) And, three (and most important to me,) because the WB station is at our local school so the weather info is as local and accurate as it can get.
  25. AndroidWeather

    AndroidWeather New Member

    15 Min for alerts it terrible by that time a tornado has already chewed your house apart and is in the next town TorWarn can get you updates as fast as 5 seconds after they are issued potentially saving your life and giving you the most lead time possible to get to shelter.

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