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  1. csilence79

    csilence79 New Member

    Is anyone having a problem with the Weather widget on the LG ally, the time is one hour off. The phone time on the top bar is showing the right time so its not the phone. Its showing the correct city, and temp but the wrong time. Also my wife has the same phone and her's does it too. Thanks

  2. heffe2001

    heffe2001 Well-Known Member

    Just checked mine, and it's correct. Do you happen to have the weather set up for a city in another time zone?
  3. IndyPb

    IndyPb New Member

    Yeah, my wife's ally is the same, one hour off. Tried changing the city to NYC, (we're also EST), and the time is's like they have my city in the wrong time zone? No way to adjust it either, I guess that's an lg problem?
  4. Indynetman

    Indynetman New Member

    I am having the same issue. I have had my phone for about a week and the time was correct until this past weekend.

    I selected New York as another city and it showed the correct time, but the weather info for NYdoes me no good.

    Indiana was until a few years ago was on Standard Time, but we have switched to Daylight Savings Time. I noticed that Microsoft and other OS manufactures still list Indiana as a separate time zone. I am sure the problem is some time zone offset in an XML file, but that does not explain why the time was correct for the first week.

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