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  1. me10lee83

    me10lee83 Well-Known Member

    The weather section of circles widget on the Razr Maxx HD doesn't seem to update for me. I have to turn off "current location" and then turn it back on in order for it to update my location (or the time).

    Anyone else having this problem or have any suggestions?

  2. razrmaxx

    razrmaxx Member

    I had noticed small delays with that, it should be better with JB.
  3. me10lee83

    me10lee83 Well-Known Member

    Mine wasn't a small delay, just wouldn't update at all. Updated to JB this morning and immediately noticed it was up to date at my current location. Will see if it updates back to home this evening!
  4. Flapjack0023

    Flapjack0023 Member

    Mine updates every hour or so? Not sure if there is a setting to control it as its never been an issue for me.

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