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  1. krospyke

    krospyke Well-Known Member

    is it just my xe, or is it normal to all xe's. lately i noticed, after being idle for some hours, usually in the morning, when i turn on/wake my phone, weather lockscreen shows up instead of the normal one. it's not an issue, actually i like it. but is it normal?

    note. my phone sleeps with mobile data off so it cant be that its updating weather when it wakes up.

  2. dnapro

    dnapro Well-Known Member

    Since updating to ICS, my XE does exactly the same thing. Like you it's not annoying but would like to know why it's doing it! LOL
  3. Fonzig

    Fonzig Well-Known Member

    This is because you have Weather Alerts ticked!;)

    Touch the Weather Widget>Menu>Settings Remove Tick:)
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  4. dnapro

    dnapro Well-Known Member

    Cheers, would this still be the case if I am using another launcher and not Sense?
  5. Fonzig

    Fonzig Well-Known Member

    I think it will do it no matter what launcher you use:confused:
  6. krospyke

    krospyke Well-Known Member

    hahahah! so that's why!.thanks :)
  7. TheOneUK

    TheOneUK New Member

    I have also noticed this. I have my lockscreen set to clock.
    It's now unticked...

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