Weatherbug clock widget on samsung fascinate work on any other phone?Root

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    Oct 19, 2010
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    Hi there!

    Please don't get mad at me for posting this in the wrong place. I'm a noob at forums.

    Anyway, My friend got the samsung fasinate and he showed me a really cool widget called the weatherbug clock widget. I absolutly loved and and began googling online to find out how to get it on my phone. (droid 2) sadly I could not find any results except from this site talking about a system dump of the fascinate. This intreged me and I downloaded it right away. I am not new at adding apps to my sdcard and found the widget right away. I added it to my sdcard and opened up my app installer on my phone. It found the file and reconized it as the weatherbug clock. but when I press install, it says installing but then says application not installed. I am usering app installer but I also tried Astro file manager which didnt even reconized it as a app. any suggestions?

  2. Thornfullessrose

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    May 20, 2010
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    You would need touchwiz. Droid 2 has blur.

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