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  1. mcsmalley61

    mcsmalley61 New Member

    Just got my new Continuum, was defaulted to NYC, changed my location to Cleveland, now the Weather Widget is one hour ahead of the correct time. Verizon, Samsung and Google all can't help me, and the folks at Weatherbug told me it's not an issue with their app.....Anyone find a fix? thanks!

  2. copestag

    copestag Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums!! :)

    have you tried uninstalling the widget and reinstalling it?

    otherwise verify that several things are working and correct: your GPS is on and working properly, your time is correct in the notification bar, make sure you have the correct time zone set and set to automatic time update... (menu>settings>date&time)

    my guess is you have the wrong time zone entered and the 1 hour off is because of daylight savings
  3. audiowiz

    audiowiz New Member

    I have the same problem. I uninstalled it, and reinstalled it and can't find it. Where do the apps you download go?
  4. copestag

    copestag Well-Known Member

    the continuum doesnt alphabetize the apps.. so new apps d/l will appear at the very end
  5. angiewebster

    angiewebster New Member

    I've tried all the fixes also, still an hour ahead! I just noticed mine changed after I had a verizon system update! All other times on phone are correct & time zones, I still think it is something with the app but can't unistall it.
  6. copestag

    copestag Well-Known Member

    try turning on wifi..... then open google maps and let it find your position..... then exit maps and open weather.... manually refresh from menu
  7. sunruner

    sunruner New Member

    I have the same issue. I also have the Continuum. However, I am still in the eastern time zone. We're on DST so if it doesn't change for when we go back to standard time, it will be 2 hours ahead. I have turned on the GPS location setting for weatherbug, it updated but didn't change time. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it doesn't change the time. My phone time is correct... it's just the weatherbug clock that is an hour ahead. What's really screwy? When I do a weather update it shows the update time as the correct time.... but the clock is still wrong.

    If anyone has a fix, I'd appreciate any help.
  8. tlc34769

    tlc34769 New Member

    Same problem here! I have checked every possible thing on the phone but it is still an hour off. Samsung won't even return my emails!
  9. dfgged

    dfgged Well-Known Member

    Huh, I never noticed, mine is off an hour too!
  10. john h

    john h New Member

    New poster, new to smart phones, same issue. WeatherBug analog clock is off an hour. All the digital clocks are correct (I am in Mountain time zone which should be GMT -6 during Daylight saving time, Otherwise we are GMT -7. The analog clock has us at GMT -5) The weather station it is using is the local airport.

    It was correct until I did a Samsung software update.

    Is there a way to force WeatherBug to update the App? (not the data, the software)

    Looking at settings - applications - manage applications - there is a Weatherbug clock app. The only thing you can do with it though is 'clear data' I don't know what happens when you do that. if you tap that button it says that 'all this applications data will be deleted permanently. This includes all files, settings, accounts, databases, and so on.' That sounds scary - I'm a little afraid to continue on that line. The website for WeatherBug is pretty uninformative.

  11. jonnymo

    jonnymo New Member

    Noticed that the first post was dated 24 Mar, or 11 days after DST began in the US. It's possible that the widget is adding an extra hour for DST, but I can't think of a good way to test that, and there do not appear to be any configurable settings w/in the widget.

    If I'm right, then the clock will show the correct time... in 149 days.
  12. jonnymo

    jonnymo New Member

    Think there's something to that. In the "Clock" app, under "World clock," when I attempt to "Add city," the little clock in the upper left-hand corner is, like the weatherbug widget, an hour fast.
  13. barneydl

    barneydl New Member

    Click on the displayed city below the Weatherbug widget clock. On the next page click on your "home" city, but do no click on the "current city (via GPS)". The time will correctly update.

    If you go to the weather dashboard, and then go back to home, the time will once again be off

  14. CrowleyFam

    CrowleyFam New Member

    I have this same problem and I selected my city (not the "current location") and it is an hour off.

    Is this a bug in the WeatherBug widget?
  15. RainerD

    RainerD New Member

    I just got my Samsung Continuum, love the phone, but I have the same problem. The clock with the hands is 1 hour fast! Has anybody found a solution? Does anybody know if this is an issue only with the Continuum or with the weatherbug app in general?
  16. tnsmileychick

    tnsmileychick Well-Known Member

    I too just got my new Continuum about a week ago. I've searched the web over and haven't found any fixes for the weatherbug time problem. I finally just downloaded another app with the time and weather on it and I'm using that one instead of the weatherbug clock. I really wish they'd fix this little problem, but doesn't seem to be resolved yet. Loved the look of that clock too...
  17. elcapitansam

    elcapitansam New Member

    FWIW, if you're on US Eastern and you add the city Santa Cruz, Bolivia then your clock will be correct as long as you leave it on that city. The weatherbug clock bug is definitely in daylight savings time, and Bolivia doesn't honor daylight savings.

    You'll have to up/down swipe to get to your weather city, but it's worth it to have the clock correct half of the year.

  18. GregTHammer

    GregTHammer New Member

    I spent over 2 1/2 hours with verizon and samsung all the way up to their level III with no help, the level 3 person was no help what-so-ever, honestly i think i woke him up or he was high.....either way no fix....the time issue is happening on my wife's phone which we just got a couple of days ago, I have the Samsung Galaxy S. and I compared everything with my phone and i have noticed that in the app settings everything for weatherbug is all zeros...on my phone it is showing data. It clearly is the weatherbug app/widget where it is not fully downloaded when it comes to the clock, weatherbug along with verizon and samsung need to get together and work this out. My wife likes the phone, and will most likely just remove the widget and replace it with something else.....but it would be nice if they actually fixed the issue.....the rest of the app works when it comes to showing the local weather and at the bottom of it shows the correct date and time every time you refresh that information so clearly there is an "error" with the clock for the front of the widget.

    Two days later I just received an email from weatherbug and they automatically say it is not them it is Samsung and/or Verizon...well I basically lit their butts on fire with a reply saying how can they say that without even checking....I will be contacting Samsung and Verizon to at least get it noted on the results of my ongoings....I dont think not much will happen but who knows maybe there will be someone in the corporate palaces who might give a rats butt...
  19. stephen_c

    stephen_c New Member

    I have a Droid Charge and had the same issue, but I resolved it by 1. clicking on the widget; 2. on the weatherbug screen, press the leftmost physical button at the bottom of the phone; 3. select settings; 4. Select "Current location"; 5. Select "Enable current location" and possibly "Use network" and/or "Use GPS" -- I enabled them all. That did the trick.
  20. stephen_c

    stephen_c New Member

    Oops, sorry :D . It did work, but the problem is back. Obviously, the longterm solution requires a much deeper understanding of the program than I have.
  21. kls1653

    kls1653 New Member

    WOW! I got my new phone today at 3:00.....Got it all set up and noticed about an hour ago that silly clock is an hour ahead. Thought I was going nuts!:D
  22. txwolf1980

    txwolf1980 Well-Known Member

    I just dug mine out, and looked at it. The time is correct. I don't suppose any of you are rooted, and are able to pull it off of your phone? I can decompile it and try to figure out where the goof up is.
  23. kls1653

    kls1653 New Member

    Nope mine isn't rooted and I cannot get the danged thing off my phone.

    I did email the developer to see if he/she can solve this issue. I've tried everything. The thought did occur to me that perhaps the elite version or a paid version gives you the correct time. I wondered if they give the wrong time to force you to purchase Weatherbug?:confused:
  24. kls1653

    kls1653 New Member

    I've spent the day trying to find an answer to this widget problem. I believe I found the solution on another android board.

    A woman named Karen said this:

    I did have them problem with the homepage digital clock/weather widget. I went to the store and sales man showed me how to fix it. Works great again. Went to my friends the same night and hers was also not working. I did fix her phone the same way and she is happy again too.

    Go to your settings from your home screen. Hit applications. Hit manage applications and wait for all to load. Find the little sun that refers to weather BY HTC and the little cards that look like settings cards BY HTC. (because you might have other weather programs you don't want to erase them) Make sure you find every icon for weather for HTC and erase the Data and the Cache. If you don't get them all it wont work. Once you have done this you can try and go to your market and drag to remove your weather icon if you like but it did not work for me. It is a factory setting I guess. Next go back to your home screen and hard press the screen at the top. When this happens select HTC Widget and then CLOCK. Scroll to the clock weather widget and tap it. Select current location or type one in and hit done. I promise it worked for me and it should work if you erase ALL AND ONLY HTC ICONS THAT REFER TO YOUR HTC WEAHTER. Good Luck! If all else fails do like me and take it to the store THAT HAS SERVICE TECHS. CALL BEFORE YOU GO.

    ****I did what she suggested and IT WORKS as long as I don't put my town in. Now the widget is the correct time but I don't see my town and no weather! OY!****
  25. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    i just fixed this issue with my stock weather widget for my LG connect 4G. the auto-location had my city but for some reason wasnt accurate with the time. i put my location in manually and the problem was resolved.

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