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  1. property-king

    property-king New Member


    On my brand new vodafone HTC magic I can not access a number of adult themed websites - namely punternet, redtube etc. All that loads is a page of text and at the bottom it mentions a web-500 error that i should report.

    has my phone got a block on it? - how do i get around this block?

    any help is muchly appriciated.


  2. property-king

    property-king New Member

    i have no problems getting onto the sites with O2 mobile broadband on my samsung nc10 laptop... so the sites are running.
  3. slarti

    slarti Well-Known Member

    Assuming you're on Vodafone UK you need to either go on to your account on their website or ring customer services to get a block removed to access sites that they have deemed contain adult material.

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