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Web App Force Closing

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  1. Codester3388

    Codester3388 Member

    Ok I was trying to view a regular PC version of a site and somebody in a comment said its easier to fake a User Agent through about:debug so I did and no since I changed it to desktop it wont open and force closes. I saved a log of the crash if you guys want to see it. I just came from the iPhone world so this stuff is a tad different. Thanks

  2. vud911

    vud911 Well-Known Member

    Yea...so an app crashed...close it and try again or don't use that application. Download another browser. This is Android, you have choices. I have 5+ browsers sitting here if anyone of them gets on my nerves, I switch to another one. That's the beauty of Android. Welcome to the Android club.

    Delete the log file. I don't think anyone would care all that much about an app crashing. It rarely happens, but when it does, it does. Just move on.

    It seems like you screw with the settings. Might want to reinstall it if that is possible :).
  3. Codester3388

    Codester3388 Member

    Its a stock app so I would have to probably have to flash to my nandroid backup which was when I first rooted it. I'm just trying to see if there is a way I can reinstall the stock web app from somebody elses phone or find the settings where I screwed it up at.
  4. vud911

    vud911 Well-Known Member

    Try rebooting your phone. Might clear up the site where you visited that caused this crash so you can go back and reverse the change.

    If all else fails there is always other browsers.

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