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  1. sono

    sono Member

    I have a droid incredible and got the OTA update last night. After the update I could not use my web browser. It will load the page almost to the end and then just go back to my home screen. Also the flash does not appear to be working anymore either I only see green arrows now.
    I Manually installed flash 10.1 a few weeks before the OTA update.
    Can anyone help? or have suggestions?

  2. Whohulkwalk

    Whohulkwalk Well-Known Member

    you need to install the newest flash player you can get it on xda
  3. sono

    sono Member

    where do I find the flash player on xda?
  4. aminaked

    aminaked Well-Known Member

    You might need a factory reset.
  5. sono

    sono Member

    a factory reset then instal 2.2 manually?
  6. sono

    sono Member

    I did a total restore which left me with nothing when I restarted my phone but my browser and flash work now. I have to set up my phone all over again NOT COOL
  7. Ryan95i4

    Ryan95i4 Member

    Same issue. Manually installed Flash 10.1 weeks ago, got the 2.2 OTA update this morning and now stock browser crashes and returns to home screen whenever flash is present on a webpage.

    Tried dolphin HD, browser doesnt crash, but flash elements dont load (just get the green arrows).

    GF's incredible works perfect after update.

    Any fixes other than factory reset?
  8. 1967ls2

    1967ls2 Well-Known Member

    I would suggest deleting 10.1 off your phone and then just redownloading and installing it again.
  9. Ryan95i4

    Ryan95i4 Member

  10. Ryan95i4

    Ryan95i4 Member

    This was my first plan, but you cant uninstall 10.1 after the OTA update. I found a more recent flash update on xda and it works perfect now. Hopefully this will help others too.

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