Web browser with one click access to bookmarks?

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  1. Shockwave78

    Shockwave78 Well-Known Member

    Is there a browser with safari like access to bookmarks? It seems like with the default browser and chrome it takes like 3 or 4 presses to get to your actual bookmarks. With safari on ios, you hit one button and all your bookmarks are there...


  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    I use Boat, and the bookmarks are accessed via a star in a small task bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. tommo47

    tommo47 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Dolphin has an option to give access to your bookmarks by a slide to the right, or you can enable a bottom tool bar which has a bookmark link similar to the boat browser.
  4. cryofy

    cryofy Member

    In the mobile version of Firefox when I hit the search button on my device I reach a page with my most visited sites, my bookmarks & my history...

    So it's either 1 click to reach the 'top sites' or 2 clicks to reach the 'bookmarks' here...
  5. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    You can put the bookmarks on your home screen. That's what I do.
  6. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    With boat, dolphin and opera, the feature you are looking for is called the speed dial. Just enable it and you'll see bookmarks on the homepage.

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  7. tommo47

    tommo47 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Mmmm.... What am I missing?. When I'm browsing with either Dolphin or Opera, speed dial doesn't give me one tap access to bookmarks, unless I open a new tab and although Opera has unlimited bookmarks on speed dial I think Dolphin is limited to ten. With Dolphin if I enable the bottom tool bar I have one tap access or if I enable right slide it gives access to all bookmarks without the need for the bottom tool bar. I prefer the right slide option because it gives full use of the screen.

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