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  1. Bigdog84

    Bigdog84 New Member

    I am new to Android App Development and been messing around with all the tutorials and guides on Java/Android Dev. I have made many websites for people (html, php, asp...) in the past few years so I am aware of what a coding process is. My idea is to take a website that is currently in development for a family member's company and create and interactive app that syncs with certain parts of the website. Its gonna be a surf apparel site with a news update for surfing hot spots and photo uploads with a forum so people can communicate and share their journey.

    How can I implement the forum into the app so it has realtime interaction with the message board / IM / Forum on the website?

    I want for the user to open the app on his/her Android device, click the forum tab, Login, read/post messages, upload pics, write a blog... straight from the app, not a internet browser window.

    I figured out how to make the app view the most recent photo uploads (that have been submitted from a web browser), I just can't figure out how to get the forum, photo uploads and login to work.

    Thanks for reading my first post. I can use all the help I can get and hope in the future I can help people out with any questions they have.



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