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"Web page not available" with wifi network connectedSupport

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  1. tml

    tml New Member


    I'm new to Android world and I started with the Samsung Galaxy Ace. Happens that I have it connected to a wireless network and even so when I try to access a web page it gives the message "web page not available"

    It works during a couple minutes after I switch on the phone but then it's like I wasn't ever near a wifi network. I already tried the reset and the problem is the same. I don't know what's going on neither can find an answer to solve this online.

    Anyone have a clue or had this same issue and fixed it?


    Best regards,

  2. poshkid

    poshkid Active Member

    Even though some wi-fi netwworks let you connect, you need to be in its range to access the internet. (e.g. I have seen this in hotels,... wifi network is there in room but only connects at their lobby)

    Some wifi networks needs authentication...
  3. tomdotnet

    tomdotnet Member

    have you try use Static IP Address?
  4. tml

    tml New Member

    I'm having that situation at homem, with my private network with WPA2_PSK.
  5. tml

    tml New Member

    Yes, I have.

    I use the internet normally and after a while it still shows signal but no more acess, always shows the message "web page not available". :-(

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