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  1. waspbuster

    waspbuster New Member

    My Galaxy Note 10.1 always defaults to mobile web pages when browsing. I never had this problem on my old Samsung 10.1 windows laptop.

    Is there anyway to force web pages not to default to mobile web pages. I can understand it on my Galaxy S3 2 phone but not on my tablet


  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Browser menu>Desktop view. You can only do it for a session, not for every time you browse.

    Windows is not a mobile OS, so it identified itself as a desktop machine, Android is, and it identifies itself accordingly.

    Try a different browser that has that option to set all browsing as desktop view.
  3. davidfarquhar

    davidfarquhar Active Member

    I do a similar thing in Chrome, it makes Facebook open much better if it is the desktop version (better quality images). That sometimes lasts longer than a session, but seems to default back to mobile eventually
  4. Alex xander

    Alex xander Member

  5. waspbuster

    waspbuster New Member

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