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  1. FortKnox

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    I have several suggestions for features and some bugs to report in applications I got from the Market. Yet I can't find a web page to even start sending my bugs/suggestions in. On the official Android site, the applications section nowhere near matches the Market. I have a question & a suggestion for the Android developers:

    A) Is there already a collection of web pages that match the apps that I missed?

    B) If there's not, this would be a very nice thing to have to get applications in the marketplace: okay, so you wrote the code, here's your free hosted web page to describe a bit about your app, as well as a bug tracker for your app that anyone can register for. The "free" part COULD be paid for or something by T-Mobile & whichever other carriers eventually run Android. If you downloaded new applications from some setup like this instead of the market, then people would know about it and know where to turn to talk back to the developers. Alright, keep the Market for new applications (and maybe rename it to "Beta"), but once they have gained enough popularity (or some other metric), they get moved to the hosted bug tracker/etc. site, maybe called Alpha.

  2. FortKnox

    FortKnox Well-Known Member

    Even better. For anyone else trying to find the same thing, in the Market, you can email directly the developer for each app you've installed. Case closed.

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