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  1. Satires

    Satires Well-Known Member

    I may sell my bionic, any offers???

    First off, I walk away and the music disconnects on my bluetooth headset when the screen goes to sleep.

    Second, I can no longer BLOG with even the mobile browsers..

    F*ck you Motorola...

    They might as well just offer the mirror mode only! lol

    Damn, I knew I shouldn't have upgraded...

    If you're an extreme user of webtop, I highly advise you not to upgrade if you value your media experience.

    The phone is a refurb and in mint condition...

  2. Satires

    Satires Well-Known Member

    1 star? I think we have a webtop 3.0 fanboy in da house! lol
  3. Satires

    Satires Well-Known Member

    By the way, ICS has been Great! Except Webtop is intolerable. Webtop 2.0 was a better fit for me personally. It may have been a little slow, but patience goes a long ways.

    Sure once in a blue moon flash would crash or webtop wouldn't load properly, all one had to do is force stop the two webtop apks, clear the data and you was back in business.

    What's a power user?

    I liked the fact I could have my firefox broswer open and pull my phone screen up that was tabbed to do something on it for a moment without closing out my browser.

    Plus, the phone didn't go to sleep cutting out my music. Further more, (I'll have to reclarify this) the music gets degraded while listening to it through the television speakers as you're working on what ever it is you're working on.

    I upgraded the phone, I knew the risks, I take full responsibility.

    But I still say webtop 3.0 sucks. So much so, I put that mini guide up on how to block updates should an ACTUAL user of webtop look it up on google and not wish to upgrade their phone.

    And, I'm keeping a close eye on the net and will be contacting devs to run FULL ubuntu on my upgraded bionic, not the watered down version of that installer. I understand ubuntu is dependant on the processor type. I need it to have flash and the abilty to read my sd card. Oh, and the abilty to download files unto the sd card. We're close! I ran it last night, but it's missing said features...

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