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    I woke up this AM, dropped the phone in the dock and NOTHING. Pulled the dock apart and no blown circuits but no power to control circuits either. While I was away I had to get rid of my other docks and am dead in the water (I don't have an HDMI monitor either). I have a big move coming up and cannot afford to replace lapdock for at least a few months. By that time Moto ICS will be out and I expect the user base to shrink to a handful of diehard users. So as of 9/12/2012 this project is officially dead. I can upload the unfinished 1.2.0 if anybody wants to take over to project. Just PM me. Sorry guys. (I guess it's back to Mars for me)

    Atrix/Photon UbunTop v1.0.0
    "And finally, monsieur, a waffeur-thin mint"​


    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Webtop is great, as long as all you want to do is use Firefox and cloud computing. Beyond Firefox, WebTop, in it's current form, is mostly gimmick and PR. I also have nothing against chroot methods, but on the Photon you are running Linux, on top of Linux, on top of Android, a.k.a Linux. This isn't really for me so I sought to find a better solution.

    After many hours of searching and testing I've been able to combine existing methods used on the Atrix and a couple changes I made myself to bring you Atrix/Photon UbunTop . This mod turns WebTop into more of a tool while eliminating the additional layer of Linux. Atrix/Photon UbunTop includes almost all of the basic features used by computer users on a daily basis. Here's a list of the main features of Atrix/Photon UbunTop:

    Listed in the order of Linux Noob to Linux Pro (Yes, even I was a linux noob once.)

    Webtop+: Stock look UI with enhanced dock!
    Stock looks with hidden power inside!
    Stock UI with PCMANFM Desktop

    UbunTopLX: Pure LXDE!
    Even faster and lighter still, with more control than Webtop+ with just a simple file swap!
    LXDE Panel & Desktop

    Easter Egg: Ubuntop Core (Openbox, just Openbox. Not for the timid!)

    Bluefish (editor for websites, scripts and programming code)

    Firefox (I strongly suggest installing the adblock addons. I would have included them but doing so breaks the install)


    OpenOffice (draw,presentation, spreadsheet, word)



    Download Links:
    Atrix/Photon UbunTop/Webtop+: (in the downloads section)

    ClockworkMod Recovery (do not use bootstrap or safestrap)
    Any UnLocked Blur ROM (Webtop does not work on CM7 or CM9)
    webtop2sd is required for Atrix users because there is only 1.3MB free space otherwise (after resize2fs this is not an issue for the Photon)
    7zip (I use a very particular 7zip setup to ultra compress files that winrar and similar can't extract)

    Instructions: deviations from the instructions will cause things to not work
    Download and extract the zip using 7zip and copy the contents to internal storage
    Your directory structure should be /sdcard/UbunTop/!stuff!
    Reboot into recovery
    Perform a full backup just in case (to include /osh)
    Flash Univ_Ubuntop_v1.0.0.zip via CWM
    Launch Webtop+
    Reboot into recovery and flash menupatch.zip
    Relaunch Webtop+ and enjoy!
    * Everybody needs to read the "READ ME!!!" file. If Ubuntop doesn't work correctly and you have not followed the "READ ME!!!" then that's probably why
    * If Firefox can't access the internet, reboot into recovery and wipe cache

    • To install "prepackaged" applications follow the instructions in the "READ ME!!!" file in the UbunTop folder on your internal storage
    • To switch back and forth between Webtop+ and Ubuntop- Follow the instructions in the "READ ME!!!" file in the UbunTop folder on your internal storage
    • REQUIRED FOR ATRIX USERS- Install and run Sogarth's webtop2sd

    Webtop+ Custom Dock recovery after flashing a ROM, hard reset or wiping /data:
    Launch Webtop+
    Reboot into recovery and flash menupatch.zip
    Relaunch Webtop+ and enjoy!

    Many Thanks to:
    Sogarth (webtop2sd)
    SystemR89 (Debian install)
    arvati (WebTopScripts)
    jokersax11 (the original update.zip script)

  2. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member Developer

    Change Log:
    Atrix/Photon UbunTop v1.0.0
    Added the Atrix to supported devices
    Updated to latest Webtop version WT-1.2.0-180
    ALL wallpapers removed except one (saved 10MB)
    all screensavers except popsquares removed (saved 3MB)
    language-pack-es and language-pack-es-base
    firefoxaddons (moto)
    oss-addons (moto/firefox)
    netcat dummy package
    A ton of other KB here KB there shaving to get it to fit
    Additional Changes:
    gpicview replaces EOG (think Win7 like image viewer)
    Revert back to "Upgrade" system, again to make it fit
    UbunTop Upgrade has both Full and Individual choices now
  3. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member Developer

    Updated OP. Sorry guys.
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    Good tutorial. I gonna try.

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