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    Oct 21, 2009
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    Hi all,

    I'm developing an application it starts using TabActivity. When the user click on button (in this activity), I call an another Activity using:

    Intent i = new Intent(miTabActivity.getBaseContext(),LoginWindow.class);

    My intent "i" contains a WebView opens a login page. When the user fill in this field and pulse the "Send" button, this form validate the user. The problem is with the message alert (typical: Do you like save your password? And its buttons: "Remember" "Never" "Not now") that appears in background (and I can't click until I click "Keyboard button RETURN of Android"). It seems like were in the first Activity (TabActivity).

    I tried to look for a property of WebView (but I have found nothing). I tried to reimplement the onSavePassword method (of WebView) but it's private.

    Thanks a lot.


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