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Weird behavior of my galaxy s plus (i9001)General

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  1. jnsunkersett

    jnsunkersett New Member


    I have a peculiar problem with my android handset:

    It is a Samsung Galaxy S plus (i9001) .. not exactly an S2

    Phone works beautifully, but when Data packet is OFF.

    To use google maps/ internet, I switch on Data Network Packet,
    but then apps like google maps/ browser only work for a few seconds.
    When using the browser, the app stops and I get returned back to home screen (as if I pressed the home button)

    From the home screen, I can launch the app (eg. browser) I resume browsing from the same place or page.
    but then again I am returned back to home screen (again and again)

    I suspect a memory or hardware problem (which occurs only when data packet network is ON)

    My handset is still in warranty so not able to try something like root.

    I tried by switching the SIM card but still the problem continues.
    (I am using 2G)

    I am attaching a video so as to explain the problem better.
    (in .zip format as .I could not attach the .wmv ),

    In anticipation of some help.


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  2. jnsunkersett

    jnsunkersett New Member


    I Samsung contacted customer support and the technician guided me into
    Settings --> Manage applications --> All
    Asked me to select one app after another (like Google Maps, Internet, Email etc)

    Go into each,
    Force stop each and
    Clear Data and Clear cache of each.

    and when done with all, restart the handset.

    This helped to resolve the problem but only for a short while.

    After a few hours of browsing, the problem resurfaced.

    I was able to resolve it (again temporarily) by following the above steps (clear data and cache)

  3. jnsunkersett

    jnsunkersett New Member

    Is there anybody who has experienced similar problems with their galaxy smart phone?

    What was your solution?

    (the solution given by customer support; clear cache is a short lived/ stop gap kind of solution)

  4. flor1n

    flor1n Member

    I may be off topic but I think this is in the wrong forum.
    The phone described here is Galaxy S plus (i9001) and the forum section is for Galaxy S 2 Plus (i9105)

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