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  1. pipopipi

    pipopipi Member

    Hi !!! I have some weird issue in my G2.
    Every single call i receive from my contacts goes to my favorites log and can't be deleted.
    If i get called by Brian for example, then Brian appears in favorites log automatically and can't delete him even if i clear my calls log.
    Does it have a solution ?

  2. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Well-Known Member

    you should be able to long press on his name in the regular contacts list and select "remove star". "Starred" contacts end up in your favorites list. Not sure why yours are going there automatically, though.
  3. Well - the Favourites tab shows Starred contacts, followed by 'Frequently Called' numbers. The theroy being that the more you use the phone, the more relevant the content of that list will become.

    It's a 'feature' of the dialer you can't change - but like I said, the more you use the phone, the better and more relevant it'll become.


  4. pipopipi

    pipopipi Member

    Yeah, you are totally right. They are not favorites because they are not starred.
    They are frequently callers but even that , i can
  5. dtii

    dtii New Member

    I have also experienced the exact same problem and find it annoying. I remove a favorite and it disappears for the moment. I exit the Dialer/Contacts app but when i go back into the Dialer/Contacts app the removed favorite is back in the favorites list.

    The favorites tab is organized in a way that the "Favorites" list is displayed and than the "frequently called" list is displayed. As far as i can see i am removing the item from the "Favorites" list NOT the "Frequently Called" list.

    Further complicating the issue is the "starred in adroid" list in displays the correct list of favorites. The removed Favorites do not exist in the list there. I edited the phone number of the specific contact in and "synched" with my phone.. It showed the synching process worked (i.e. the phone number changed) but the synching made no difference to the contacts status as a "starred favorite"

    I believe this is a software bug related to software existing on the phone as opposed to synching or something related to

    I have a TMobile G1 running 1.6 and have witnessed the issue in every upgrade 1.0 - 1.6

    I would love to see this bug fixed.


    - Dave
  6. black743

    black743 Active Member

    Yes, its annoying that someone I've only called a couple times shows up in my frequently called list. I have specific favorites that I wanted to keep as a clean list and I wish I could remove the others.
  7. kiwi_harry

    kiwi_harry Member

    I have the same issue with my new HTC Magic. A friend of mine decided to star a few contacts and now I can't remove them from the Favourites tab. I have tried long pressing the contact and selecting the Remove from Favourites option, but they all keep reappearing in that list.

    I have version 1.6.

  8. dtii

    dtii New Member

    I was able to fix the problem by removing my gmail account from Contacts, and than associating the account with the phone again. Not the most graceful fix but its a fix.

    - Dave
  9. Koiboyjapan`

    Koiboyjapan` Active Member

    Just use your phone more, and it will sort itself out. The same thing happened on a Docomo phone I previously owned. Annoying if you are calling someone you don't want your other half to know about...(if you get what I mean)...starring your fav's is another way out...hopefully this will be changed in Firmware version 2.0 e.g. You should be able to set a minimum number all calls received and calls made to someone before they show up on your fav's listing...also the people in the fav's list should be able to be barred from the fav's list (frequently called) if they need to be. This is now a standard feature on most Japanese mobiles phones BTW...probably because of the promiscuity of Japanese males no doubt!!! ;-)
  10. kiwi_harry

    kiwi_harry Member

    Thanks for that Dave.

    That has fixed my problem of removing the starred contacts from the list.

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