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  1. waternut13134

    waternut13134 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,I just got my ATT Galaxy S4 today and love it. Their is a weird icon right next to the clock that I cant figure out what it is for. I have searched and came up with nothing. Can someone help? I have attached a screen shot. Thank You!

    Here is the link to my screen shot: Screenshot_2013-04-28-17-27-04 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Sorry it wouldn't let me upload a photo directly here.

  2. edward90

    edward90 Well-Known Member

    Its for NFC can toggle it off
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  3. waternut13134

    waternut13134 Well-Known Member

    Your a life saver! Thank you soooo much. I have been racking my head for hours trying to figure out what it was for. Thanks again!
  4. iWorstLuck

    iWorstLuck New Member

    NFC, its like s beam. When on, you can send data when you touch another device with NFC

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