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  1. rpmTECH

    rpmTECH Member

    Hey all. I noticed a weird issue with my strat. When the voicemail indicator is on and the phone reboots, I get a continuous ringtone for about 2-3 minutes then it stops. If I remove the indicator before rebooting it doesn't happen. Has anyone else experienced this? I tried searching on it to no avail.

  2. bubbalv29

    bubbalv29 Well-Known Member

    Well, I've never had that issue because I usually check My voicemail when I get a missed call. But if I get a chance, maybe I can try and recreate the issue.
  3. myherojack24

    myherojack24 Member

    I used to get this when the notification sound was located on the sd card, when the device starts it checks the card but cant use the sound and so it uses some sort of missing file noise. Try setting your notification sound to a default android one that is located on the phone (not the SD card) and restarting.

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