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Weird problem concerning music & headphones?

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  1. hellocoldworld

    hellocoldworld New Member


    I have an HTC Inspire/HTC Desire HD, and ever since I got the phone last July, it has had a weird problem with it. Almost every time I plug headphones in the headphone jack, a couple seconds later, the phone randomly starts playing music from my Google Music library. Then, every time I try to pause the music, and I go back to the app I was trying to play sound on, the song or a different song starts playing again. Sometimes, it also brings up the "voice command" menu. Which is weird, because I rarely use it. Come to think of it, I don't even use my Google Music a lot.
    But right whenever I unplug the headphones, everything stops.




  2. mith059

    mith059 Member

    It could be that movement of the headphone plug is causing slight hiccups in the connection and the phone is interpreting that static as a cord button press or as the phones being unplugged. I know I've had this issue. A way to test is to limit movement of near the jack and see if taking extra care there prevents the problem. I have noticed that earphones that don't have the microphone almost never have this problem.

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