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    Got my DRM 2 days ago. Love it so far, but I keep getting this weird text message that I can't stop. It comes from 6250 and says "VZWNMN:1". They come at random times, no pattern at all. I've had 30+ of them in two days.

    Just this morning at 9:35am I got another, except this time the body of the text message says "VZWNMN:2". I use GO SMS Pro, and I block the number 6250 so I don't keep getting notified of the text, but by using the original messaging app, I can still see therm if I want.

    I have tried sending "STOP" back to 6250 with no luck. Obviously the number has SOMETHING to do with Verizon, I just can't figure out what. Anybody else experiencing anything like this?

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